Sealed Helper

TL;DR: Just take me to the tool

This page is intended to help you sort through an Eternal Card Game sealed pool. It uses the TDC draft tier lists as a base value for cards in a limited format like sealed.

  1. Choose your tier threshold.
  2. Paste your exported pool into the text box.
  3. Click sort.

The cards in your pool with values exceeding your threshold will be output at the bottom. If a card has a value above 4.0, it will be bold. If a card has a value above 3.0, it will be italicized. You should be able to import the output text into Eternal to further work with your pool and determine which of your factions is strongest.

If you’re seeing cards show up as struck out at the bottom of the results, please let me know. I think a few are missing from the value data. It could also be that the card was not in one of the tier lists.

The core of how I use the tool is fairly simple:

  1. Sort the pool
  2. Try to play as many 4.0+ cards as I can
  3. Balance #2 against trying to play as few <2.0 cards as I can
  4. Try to ensure the influence requirements from Flash2351’s Draft 101 article are met.

If you want a longer form description, check out this example. Feedback of all kinds is welcome. Let me know, if you think the tool is great or terrible. Perhaps I’d be better off building decks through a different process; let me know. Or anything else. We’re all trying to improve.

  1. Email me@caseyhadden.com
  2. Send me a DM on discord Dendroaspis#2087.


  1. Tier lists are a place to start, not an all encompassing set of rules.
  2. Draft and sealed are different formats and card values will sometimes be different between the two. I think the draft tier list gets you ‘in the ballpark’ with human intelligence required from there.
  3. Context matters. Cards can have a good rating, but be dependent on your deck - renown units want pump spells and weapons, Slushdumper wants additional yetis, etc. These criteria are often important to a card’s overall value. In draft, you can adjust your valuation criteria for these types of synergies. However, in sealed you only have whatever is in your packs. Keep these type of contextual situations in mind when building your deck.
  4. Sealed adds an extra dimension with new packs each week. For the best result, it is likely a good option to completely re-evaluate your pool from scratch each week vs. assuming you should just build onto what you had before.

Included Factions:

06Apr2020 - This tool now uses the latest TDC tier list for Echoes of Eternity.

Sorted pool

The charts below are heavily inspired by the Eternal Sealed Analyzer.